A winning monochrome miniature.

[A Perfect Day for Caribou] promises significant things from its young writer-director, who shows more formal nous and rigor than many neophyte directors of comparable U.S. indies.

The men of A Perfect Day for Caribou don't much want to be looked at, not least because they've rarely stood back to take a look at themselves: With good sense and grace, and from an often cautious distance, this assured, soulful film sees them just the same.

Guy Lodge, Variety

A spare, sober miracle of score, silence and speech.

The Film Verdict

An unconventionally moving dose of poignant Americana.

International Cinephile Society

Plummer and Berrier are outstanding as the odd couple.


Like a cinematic bullet to the chest.


Alfonso Herrera Salcedo's breathtaking cinematography paints a landscape so exquisite it could make Ansel Adams blush.


Pits humans against the vast American landscape as a means of existential meditation...[this] is a rare hopeful example, contemplating the eternal recurrence of the sins of the father in order to probe the possibility of breaking the chain.

Giovanni Marchini Camia, Locarno


a film by Jeff Rutherford

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